5 tips for improving your fuel economy!

Pumping diesel fuel into a diesel truck
June 30, 2018

Fedex truck on Dyno

Tips for Improving Fuel Economy:

1. Tires. Monitor your tire pressure every chance you get, otherwise you’re throwing money out the window. Look for low rolling resistance tires next time you shop for tires. The fuel savings over the life of the low rolling resistance tires can completely pay for your next set of tires!

2. Engine. Instead of running your AC, pack a change of clothes to be able to stay comfortable or use the AC in intervals. A small 12V fan can keep you cool and won’t affect your fuel economy as much as turning on the AC system. Got a lead foot? Accelerate slowly to your desired speed and over time you will notice the savings.

3. Oil. Make the switch to synthetic oil, while synthetic oil might add to the cost of your oil change, it can offer extended oil change intervals when paired with a quality oil filter. Not to mention improved wear reduction over conventional oil, which will extend engine life and improve fuel economy. FR3 friction reducer can be used with synthetic and conventional oil, and will help maximize your fuel economy.

4. Fuel. When looking for fuel, busy or newly built fuel stations are your best bet. Stations that move fuel quickly will typically offer better quality fuel that has not been sitting long as well as storing the fuel in a cleaner underground fuel tank. Most chains of fuel stations offer fleet or customer rewards to help save a few cents per gallon. Another option is using a phone application such as GasBuddy, where users report fuel prices; check your route ahead of time and aim for the good prices. Trucks older than the EPA’s ULSD mandate (made before 2007) will greatly appreciate our EDT since it provides the lubricity that their fuel system was designed to run on. A quick dose of Diesel Extreme once every 6k miles/6 months will help keep your fuel system and engine running smoothly for thousands of miles!

5. Aerodynamics. Jodi Presswood, Vice President and General Manager of Navistar, told Fleet Equipment magazine that “at 55 MPH, aerodynamic drag accounts for about 50% of fuel consumed”. While the big brush guards, hood deflectors and taller exhaust stacks might look cool, you are still paying for them every time you drive your truck. Body-integrated antennas, elliptical shaped mirrors, lower front air dams, and trailer skirts can pay for themselves faster than you think!