5 Tips on Winterizing Your Diesel and Gasoline-Powered Vehicle

5 Tips on Winterizing Your Diesel and Gasoline-Powered Vehicle
December 17, 2021

When the seasons change, so should your maintenance on your vehicle. The transition from fall to winter is particularly important. As the road conditions become more hazardous with the icy signature of the winter months, keeping a careful eye on the state of your vehicles becomes crucial. To keep your vehicle running optimally, there are a few essentials to consider. Whether you’re driving a diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle, there are a lot of ways to prepare for the cold weather and keep yourself safe on snowy roads. The flood of maintenance to-do’s that come with a change of season is a lot to deal with, so to help you cover all the bases for your vehicle optimal performance, we’ve compiled 5 tips for preparing your vehicle for the winter.

5 Tips on Winterizing Your Diesel and Gasoline-Powered Vehicle

    1. Switch to a Synthetic Lubricant

      Using a synthetic lubricant can be a game-changer for both your diesel and gasoline engines. A major benefit of utilizing a synthetic lubricant is increased energy efficiency because they handle low temperatures better than a traditional lubricant. Synthetic oils have better viscosity than conventional mineral oils and can flow more quickly during the cold weather of the winter months. As a bonus, synthetic oils allow extra time between oil changes without added damage to your engine. At Hot Shot’s Secret, we have diesel and mid-saps oils. Our full synthetic oil formulas allow your vehicle to perform optimally while maximizing engine protection.

    2. Keep Things Moving Antifreeze

      Antifreeze is a winter essential for any vehicle braving the cold winter temperatures. Antifreeze keeps the water in both your radiator and engine from freezing when outside temperatures begin to drop. The glycol in the antifreeze keeps the water in the mixture from freezing during the winter. Changing your vehicle’s antifreeze at the intervals your manufacturer recommends can prevent rust from building up on your cooling system. Hot Shot’s Secret has several options for antifreeze that are pre-mixed and keep the guesswork out of winter maintenance.

Winter Preparedness Checklist

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure

    Keeping your tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure is crucial. Not only can improperly inflated tires lead to loss of control while you’re driving, but they can wear down prematurely, resulting in faulty traction, and making driving on icy roads more slippery than desirable. With a drop in temperature of 10 degrees or more, your tires lose about a pound or so of pressure. Checking your tire pressure every week is a great practice to ensure your safety and the premature wearing of your tires— both of which save you time and money.

  2. Add an Additive

    Diesel additives are a great way to incorporate continual upkeep throughout the winter. Of course, additives are used year-round, so it’s a good idea to remember to switch to a winter formula when temperatures begin to drop. When temperatures get low, the fuel in your diesel tank can begin to freeze up. Our Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is a fantastic solution to this problem. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel treats 125 gallons of fuel for less than $20. If the gelled-up diesel gets through the fuel filter, it can lead to lots of future engine problems. A fuel additive is an effective way to save yourself a towing bill for a potentially expensive engine hassle. There is a lot of extra cash that can be saved by preventing a problem before it arises.

  3. A Full Tank is a Happy Tank

    Keeping your fuel tank completely filled constantly makes the chance of condensation significantly less probable. Condensation occurs when there are large jumps in temperature. With a change in season in progress, these temperature jumps are to be expected. It can be a hassle to go to a gas station every day, so keeping some jerry cans filled with fuel in a place with a consistent temperature can eliminate the extra trip to the gas station as well as the condensation that can wreak havoc on the injector tips and the engine, among other things. If you choose to go the jerry can route, putting your fuel additive directly into the can while you’re fueling up can save you some extra time on busy mornings or late nights.

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Hot Shot’s Secret is the ultimate destination for all of your winterization needs. With their science-backed fuel additives, synthetic oils and antifreeze formulations, your vehicle will be prepared better than ever for the cold weather that’s approaching us.

At Hot Shot’s Secret, all purchases come with our money back guarantee. If you have any further questions about how to best prepare your diesel or gas-powered vehicle for winter, contact our knowledgeable team. We are ready to help you and provide you with the information you need to make a purchase that best suits your needs. Contact Hot Shot’s Secret today!