4 Qualities of A Good CLP Lubricant

4 Qualities of A Good CLP Lubricant
February 1, 2022

Whether you’re at the range or in the field, you need your firearms to work properly. Regular maintenance using a high-quality gun cleaner and lube is the key to a long-lasting, well-maintained firearm. Gun oil is designed specifically for use in firearms, which have tighter tolerances, higher amounts of pressure and extreme temperatures. Clean-Lubricate-Protect (CLP) gun oil lubes are another option for those who like to save time. These products combine gun cleaner and gun oil into one effective solution so you can get the job done all at the same time. These are the qualities of a good CLP Gun and Bow lubricant.

Qualities of A Good CLP Lubricant

1. Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Guns and bows often operate in harsh environmental conditions under dirt, dust, humidity, mud, and other undesirable conditions. Consistent use of a firearm under these conditions may cause the barrel of a gun and other gun parts to rust and corrode. Gun oil acts as a barrier between the metal parts of the gun and the elements. Even if your gun is in storage for long periods, it’s still a good idea to perform regular maintenance. Moisture from your storage environment and condensation can corrode metal parts and contribute to rusting, which can negatively impact your firearm’s reliability, accuracy and value.

2. Enhance a Gun’s Performance

Clearing your gun of debris and contaminants helps to ensure optimal accuracy, precision and firing speed. That is why gun oil is important when cleaning a firearm after several rounds of shooting.

Our gun oil contains our patented FR3 nano technology which provides an extra layer of protection and lubricity to ensure that the moving parts of a gun operate optimally. Without enough lubricity, the high levels of carbon-build up would affect the moving parts of a firearm. This would reduce the overall performance of a gun.

3. High viscosity index

Modern firearms produce high amounts of heat and friction, which can damage your gun. A highly viscous oil can prevent carbon from baking and building up on the interior of your gun. Plus, high viscosity oil allows your gun to function well in both high and low temperatures.

4. Easy Firearm Cleaning

Cleaning up the baked carbon built-up in a gun’s interior parts is part of the maintenance practices of the modern firearms. Shooters use many tools and techniques to remove the carbon that has baked on the internals of the gun. The cleaning process utilizes scraping tools and strong solvents. By manually scraping off the baked carbon, users risk scratching the internal parts of the gun.

Additionally, the solvents can easily damage the interior parts of the gun after repeated usage. The nano technology used in our synthetic lubricant prevents the need for intense scraping and excess solvent usage, by reducing the carbon build-up and baking. Therefore, by using our CLP lubricant, cleaning is far much easier and faster.

If you want your gun to function properly and give you a long service life, you should use a top-quality gun oil for cleaning and maintenance. At Hot Shot’s Secret, we rely on science to develop the best products. That’s why we’re proud of our Nano Precision CLP Gun Oil. It’s an all-in-one product that both cleans and lubricates your gun in one simple process. Our patented FR3 Nano Technology provides superior lubrication and protection even under the harshest weather and firing conditions. It’s also safe for use on all surfaces, including metal, wood and composite materials, so you can use it on all your guns.