Signature Series Fuel Pack

Signature Series – FUEL Pack


Signature Series – FUEL Pack

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Signature Series FUEL Pack Includes:

(1) 16 oz Diesel Extreme

(1) 16 oz squeeze EDT Everyday Diesel Treatment


Step 1: Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is the initial treatment for the entire fuel system.

Step 2: EDT is a concentrated cetane boosting formula that increases the quality and burn of diesel fuel.

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Our Two-Step Fuel Treatment for Protection and Performance

The Signature Series Fuel Pack by Hot Shot’s Secret is designed for diesel engines. This solution will improve fuel economy, lubricity and combustion. The steps include:

  1. Diesel Extreme: Diesel Extreme is a deep cleaner and cetane booster for the initial fuel system cleaning removing internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs). It’s formulated with a high concentration of cetane, providing up to a 7-point gain. The cetane provides a more complete burning of the fuel, and reduces DPF regen cycles. It also cleans the tank and lines while protecting the fuel system to avoid future damage.

  3. Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT): Our Everyday Diesel Treatment is a six-in-one fuel booster to increase the quality of diesel fuel. EDT is a concentrated cetane booster to increase power and performance. It also increases the lubricity of the diesel to reduce fuel system wear and failure. EDt also prevents water, rust and deposits from gathering in the fuel system.

Our two-step diesel fuel program will thoroughly clean the fuel system of diesel engines, performance and economy while protecting the system from damage.

For the best results, use 16 ounces of Diesel Extreme in 40 gallons of diesel every 6,000 miles. For tank fills between the use of Diesel Extreme, use EDT. Just 1 ounce treats 25 gallons of diesel, use above 32 degrees F.  In temperatures below 32 degrees F, we recommend adding EDT+ Winter Defense instead. It contains the same 6-in-1 protection as EDT with the addition of an anti-gel.


Advantages of Fuel Treatment Solutions

Hot Shot’s Secret fuel treatments provide several benefits for diesel engines. Our two-step fuel treatment will:

  • Boost cetane up to 7 PTS.
  • Reduce the need for DPF regeneration cycles by up to 50%.
  • Enhance fuel lubricity up to 26% for scoring and wear protection.
  • Increase fuel economy.
  • Clean injector tips, cylinders, tank and fuel lines to keep the engine operable.
  • Stabilize fuel for long-term storage.
  • Eliminate black smoke.
  • Improve cold starting.
  • Enhance combustion.
  • Restore throttle response.
  • Exceed top-tier detergency requirements.
  • Prevent rust formation in the fuel system.
  • Disperse moisture by demulsifying water for removal.


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Diesel Extreme

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