Nano-Lubricant & Wear Reducer OIL ADDITIVE – 100% Synthetic Friction Reducer with 3 Patented Technologies

Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer is a one-of-a-kind, 100% synthetic oil additive that improves performance and protects engines. It is blended with three patented lubricants, including a nano lubricant, and is proven to reduce engine wear by up to 43% plus improve your vehicle’s performance by increasing horsepower and fuel economy up to 5% each.

FR3 Friction Reducer will improve your vehicles oil by improving its shear and oxidation stability, film strength and especially friction reduction. This means your oil will stay in specification longer, stay cleaner and protect your engine better, allowing it to last longer.

FR3 Friction Reducer is recommended for any vehicle or equipment and works in conventional and synthetic oil. It can also be added to power-steering pumps, differentials and hydraulic systems.

Upgrade your oil by using FR3 Friction Reducer.

  • Reduce engine wear up to 43% (In ASTM G133 Wear Scar Testing)
  • Increase both horsepower & fuel economy up to 5%
  • Reduce oil operating temperature
  • Increase oil film strength
  • Restores lost compression
  • Reduces lifter & valve noise

Why it Works:

Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer can improve the properties of your host oil by using three unique, patented lubricants all within one product. Blended with nano carbons and group V esters, FR3 Friction Reducer attaches itself to the oil-wetted components inside your engine, creates a stronger film strength and fills in microscopic blemishes on the machined surfaces.

By improving the properties of your host oil and greatly reducing friction, FR3 Friction Reducer is proven to reduce engine wear by up to 43%. The synergy between the patented lubricants inside FR3 Friction Reducer also allows it to improve your vehicle performances, increasing both horsepower and fuel economy up to 5%. This is possible due to improved ring-sealing, reduced blow-by and increased combustion efficiency.

FR3 Friction Reducer is a unique product with a unique chemical makeup. Upgrade your oil by using FR3 Friction Reducer.


How to Use:

5 quart (car): 8 ounces FR3
15 quarts (truck): 23 ounces FR3
45 quarts (semi): 64 ounces FR3

Add To:
Engine oil
Power steering
Hydraulic system

Recommended Frequency:
Use one treatment of FR3 every oil change.

Use in All Engines:
Semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, farm equipment & autos. Effective in all engines including: Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, Saab, Volkswagen, Audi. You can use FR3 to treat any oil-lubricated system except air conditioning and aircraft. Even though FR3 is an industrial product, you’ll find that small two-cycle engines love it; just add FR3 to your oil before mixing it with the fuel. Your automobile, light truck or other personal vehicles will benefit from FR3 in the engine, power steering unit, and differential.

NOTE: FR3 displaces the same amount of oil. Example: If your oil capacity is 10 quarts, 15 oz. of FR3 and 9 quarts + 17 oz. of oil.
Do not use in conjunction with other aftermarket oil additives, including Stiction Eliminator

The Science:

There is not a product in the world that contains the same chemical makeup as Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer, making it truly a one-of-a-kind. It contains the most effective nano lubricant available, nano carbons. Nano carbon particles are spherical in shape and are less than 10 nano meters in diameter. This allows the lubricant to find the voids and blemishes on a machined surface, fill these gaps and provide a smoother surface for the lubricating film to form.

While nano carbons are highly effective on their own as a friction reducer, FR3 Friction Reducer also contains two other patented lubricants blended into the formula. The synergy between these patented lubricants have unique lubricating properties even compared to PAO or mPAO synthetics of the same viscosity. FR3 Friction Reducer is also negatively charged, allowing it to attach itself to the oil-wetted components inside your engine. The esters inside FR3 Friction Reducer are also responsible for the increased rubber seal lubrication as well as a slight swelling of seals for less oil leaks.

Wear rates are reduced by 43% on the ASTM G-133 test when using FR3 Friction Reducer. The patented nano particles cross link at the surface, which increases film strength and boundary lubrication. The synergy of these components extends the base oil performance in shear stability, oxidation stability, film strength and especially friction reduction.

Lost compression is restored by cleaning deposits on the rings and pistons and by providing a smoother sealing surface for the rings, which results in better ring sealing, less blow-by and increased combustion efficiency. The reduction in the coefficient of friction reduces operating temperatures and improves the oxidative stability of the host oil ensuring longer life for your engine. Fuel mileage and horsepower gains of 5% are not uncommon with the use of FR3 Friction Reducer, as backed by dyno and road testing.

Dyno Testing: FR3 Friction Reducer with Firepunk Diesel

“How do your additives compare to the industry leading oil additives?”

  • Two 6.7L Cummins were tested; Competitor-X vs. FR3.
  • Competitor-X gained up to 1% horsepower, while FR3 increased horsepower up to 5%.
  • Watch video to see details, or read white paper here » !


5 out of 5

Twin diesels running cooler

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August 21, 2019
5 out of 5

Oil stays honey colored much longer!

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June 9, 2019



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