Stiction Eliminator

Stiction Eliminator 2 QT

Oil additive
Restores injectors
Improves power
Reduces engine wear

Diesel Extreme

Diesel Extreme 2 QT

Fuel additive
Cleans injectors
Removes water
Increase MPG

FR3 Friction Reducer

FR3 Friction Reducer

Oil Additive
Reduces engine wear
Restores lost compression
Increase MPG up to 5%

Everyday Diesel Treatment


Fuel additive
Boosts cetane
Increase MPG
Adds lubricity


Great The truck runs great

walter Matjasich
November 12, 2018
Diagnose Your Diesel

A DIY Tool to Quickly Diagnose Diesel Engine Issues and Uncover Solutions

With only a few clicks – vehicle type, engine model, and symptom – Diagnose your Diesel provides you with quick ways to find the source of your diesel’s problem and a plan for quickly solving it yourself.

Diagnose Your Diesel delivers you multiple repair options with descriptive instructions, video, illustrations and photos.

About Hot Shot’s Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret specializes in high performance, specially formulated additives. Hot Shot’s Secret and its family of products provide problem-specific solutions to diesel and gasoline automobiles across the USA and around the world. With new products being researched, tested and developed every day, LSI’s team of experienced professionals understand the needs of diesel owners and the automotive industry.

In the words of our President and Owner, Chris Gabrelcik, “It is our goal to bring extreme duty, high performance, custom-made products and provide them to end users and corporations with lubrication problems. Products that have been engineered to resolve issues, last longer, make equipment last longer, or improve efficiency”.

Powered by Science isn’t just a catchphrase. We develop, research and test our products continuously until we are certain our products are the strongest and most effective on the market. Proven around the world; the products we sell are proudly made in the USA, down to the label.