Diagnostic Trouble Codes – P0087 and P1903


P0087 – Fuel Rail Pressure Low

P1093 – Fuel Pressure Low during Power Enrichment

The Engine Control Module (ECM) regulates pressure in the fuel rail by taking readings from the Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) sensor and making adjustments accordingly. DTC P0087 will set, and put the vehicle into limp mode, when pressure reads below the desired value. DTC Poo87 is commonly seen with DTC P1093.

Possible Causes

  • Fuel filter plugged or dirty
  • Restriction in fuel supply line
  • Damaged fuel pump
  • Damaged injection pump
  • Failing pressure relief valve

The most common cause is a plugged fuel filter. Replacement of the fuel filter is good for general maintenance, so start by changing it. Complete a visual inspection of all of the fuel lines to make sure there are no obvious obstructions.

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