1998 5.9L Cummins Fuel Filter Requirements


Reference Number(s): 14-02-98, Date of Issue:  March 27, 1998

Model(s): 1998 Dodge (BR/BE) Ram Truck

Group: Fuel

Bulletin No.: 14-02-98

Date: March 27, 1998

NOTE: This information applies to Diesel Engine Applications.



With the introduction of the Cummins 24 valve electronically injected engine, a new VP44 injection pump was also introduced. The VP44 injection pump requires finer fuel filtration due to tighter tolerances within the pump.

Whenever a fuel filter is replaced, make sure the replacement filter is P/N 04883963AB.

NOTE: DO NOT use older style filters on the 24 valve engine. The older style filter DOES NOT filter to a fine enough level for the injection pump used on the 24 valve engine.

The new style filter (P/N 04883963AB) can be used on 1997-98 12 valve engine applications.

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