94-96 7.3L DIT Powerstroke: Water in Fuel Lamp Illuminated Constantly


Reference Number(s): 03-21-8, Date of Issue:  October 6, 2003

FORD: 1994-96 F SUPER DUTY, F-250, F-350; 1995-96 ECONOLINE

Superceded Bulletin(s): 95-25-12, Date of Issue:  December 18, 1995

NOTE: Article 95-25-12 is being republished in its entirety as part of a consolidated 7.3L diagnostic aid booklet.



Water In Fuel Lamp – Lamp Illuminated Constantly – Fuel Does Not Drain When Fuel Drain Valve Is Opened – Vehicles With 7.3 L D.I. Turbo – Service Tip Fuel – Fuel Does Not Drain or Drains Slowly When Fuel Drain Valve Is Opened – Water-In-Fuel Lamp On – Vehicles With 7.3 L D.I. Turbo – Service Tip




The water-in-fuel lamp may stay on and the fuel may be slow to drain or not drain at all when the fuel drain valve is opened. This may be due to internal pressure within the filter housing.



Refer to the following Service Procedure to relieve pressure from the fuel system and allow the fuel to be drained from the housing.


  1. Follow the procedure in the 1996 Service Manual for Fuel Filter, Fuel Heater, Water Separator and Draining.
  2. If the fuel is slow draining or does not drain at all, use a screwdriver or equivalent to open the filter lid one (1) turn to vent the housing and allow the fuel to drain.
  3. After draining the water separator, make sure the lid is retightened and the valve is fully closed and secure.
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