“Maybe I’m Treating the Wrong Side of the Injector?”

“I was searching around on youtube for similar hard cold start problems like I was having with my 06 F350. Some how I stumbled on a video of the Hot Shot’s Secret . I watched a few video’s, then I found one that explained about stiction and had a cut away of an injector with oil built up inside of it. Then I got to thinkin’…..maybe I’m treating the wrong side of the injector? A couple video’s later, I went on the hot shot’s website to locate it. Found it at Travel America truck plaza in Pembroke N.Y., bought some and went back home to change the oil in my truck. 300 miles later I’m already noticing a difference. I’m going to take another video of me starting my truck in the cold temps and post to youtube. (before and after video’s. I wish I would of took that video this morning when it was -4 degrees.) Long story short………….I’m a believer.”

– Jay S. from Gasport, New York

“Instantly Started Running like a Top”

Part 1
“I have a 2006 Ford F350 with the 6.0 and every time I hook up to a heavy load or either try to give it too much acceleration at one time, it starts popping, snapping and just running horrible. But as long as I take it really easy, which I cannot do because I am a farmer and I pull my RV with it a lot.”

Part 2
“I just got home a week ago and I put that in my truck and changed my oil and instantly my truck started running like a top, I am serious within 100 miles all the popping snapping and jerking was gone and has not been back. I cannot believe this. Man I have been spreading the word about your product, how good it is. Man, thank you and God Bless.”

Dion B. from Laurel, MS