OIL Analysis

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OIL Analysis

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Preventative Maintenance Fluid Analysis is an effective, inexpensive tool which provides information about the internal condition of the major components in vehicles and equipment.

OIL ANALYSIS is an accurate way to determine oil health, oil contamination and machine wear. It is a valuable preventative maintenance tool than can help identify potential problems before a major repair is necessary, while also potentially reducing the frequencies of oil changes.

OILTEST1 Oil Scout (Analysis) Routine engine, transmission, hydraulic and gear box testing, plus Base Number*
OILTEST2 Oil Scout + Cleanliness Check (Particle Count) Add Particle Count to Oil Scout
OILTEST3 Oil Scout + Engine Monitor (Ferrography) Add Ferrography to Oil Scout
OILTEST4 Oil Scout + Cleanliness Check (Particle Count) + Engine Monitor (Ferrography) Add Particle Count and Ferrography to Oil Scout
OILTEST5 Varnish Scout (Analysis) Varnish potential (typically for turbine and hydraulics with servo valves)

*Acid Number instead of Base Number available upon request.


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1. Take samples while the equipment is running and at normal operating temperature.
2. Take samples from the same point and using the same procedure each time.
3. Don’t sample directly after an oil change or after a large quantity of make-up oil has been added.
4. Take samples from flowing lines between the lubricated device and before the oil filter.
5. Clean around the sample point and flush an adequate quantity of oil through the sample piping to insure a representative sample.
6. Use the sampling materials supplied. They are clean and hold the proper quantity for the required analysis.
7. If samples are taken using a vacuum pump, use new hose for every sample to avoid cross contamination between sample points.
8. Don’t hold samples. Send samples to the laboratory as soon as possible.

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