Keeping your Diesel running strong

  • Infused with LX4 for lubricity
  • Boost cetane by up to 7 points
  • Turns standard pump diesel into “premium diesel”
  • Save money & improve performance

Hot Shot's Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment

We’ve taken one of our best-selling diesel additives and made it even better by adding our LX4 Lubricity Extreme.

Our Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) has a reputation for being the most complete diesel additive on the market by using a robust 6-in-1 formula that turns standard pump diesel into “premium diesel”. It now features the best lubricity improver you can find.

EDT will: 

  • Increase fuel mileage by up to 7.3%*
  • Increase power by up to 12.3%*
  • Increases diesel fuel lubricity by up to 28%*
*Verified by 3rd party field, dynamometer and ASTM D-6079 testing

One treatment of EDT with each fill up will keep your diesel powering down the road. This concentrated cetane improver tremendously upgrades power and performance in all diesel equipment, increasing fuel and maintenance economy. The stability of fuels will be greatly increased and diesel engines will be kept in a much cleaner, more maintenance-free condition.

Why is EDT with every fill up?

EDT is recommended for ALL DIESEL ENGINES because it is completely ashless and has no adverse effects on engine components. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.

Gasoline is highly refined compared to diesel, therefore an every tank additive is not required. The quality of diesel fuel varies from state to state; in fact, it can vary from station to station which makes understanding exactly what type of fuel is running through your motor kind of difficult. To ensure you are protecting your investment condition the fuel at each fill-up with Everyday Diesel Treatment.



LX4 Lubricity Extreme is the strongest lubricity improver available and you can now find it in our Everyday Diesel Treatment. We recently tested our re-formulated Everyday Diesel Treatment through a 3rd party laboratory using the ASTM D-6079 test method.

We took a baseline diesel fuel and tested its lubricity properties by measuring the wear scar that was left behind (this resembles the kind of wear that can take place inside fuel pumps and injectors). We added our Everyday Diesel Treatment and ran the test again, seeing an improvement in the diesel fuel’s lubricity by 28%.

We were able to lower the wear scar from 612 microns all the way down to 453 microns (the lower the better). This means we were able to improve the properties of the fuel’s lubricity to the point it meets both the U.S. ULSD Specification of 520 microns and exceed the recommendations set by the Engine Manufacturers Association of a maximum wear scar of 460 microns.

This means additional protection for fuel systems, especially fuel pumps and injectors.

Graph showing lower wear scar for EDT with LX4

See the test data for yourself


Fuel lubricity is extreme important for diesel engines, but so is moisture control, cetane ratings, detergents, rust preventative, and stabilizer. We formulated our Everyday Diesel Treatment to do all these things to keep diesel equipment running at 100%.

Turns standard pump diesel into “premium diesel”

Only EDT provides 6-in-1 Protection and Performance to your Diesel


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No other additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret.
If any of our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give your money back.

Triple-Threat Testing Process
We understand what it’s like to be disappointed by products that do not live up to their claims. That’s why all Hot Shot’s Secret products are subject to rigorous, scientific, triple-threat testing:

  1. Testing in our world-class R&D lab
  2. Independent, third-party dynamometer testing
  3. Real-world testing

Real Results From Real People

Been using EDT in my 2018 Ram 2500 w/6.7 Cummins since 1000 miles. Once in a while I’ll fill up without adding EDT, and I can feel the difference. It’s more “peppy” with it. Better throttle response. I’ve also never had a “drain water from separator” message in 29k miles. I’ll continue to use it as long as I have a diesel!
Bill W.