“Instantly Started Running like a Top”

Part 1
“I have a 2006 Ford F350 with the 6.0 and every time I hook up to a heavy load or either try to give it too much acceleration at one time, it starts popping, snapping and just running horrible. But as long as I take it really easy, which I cannot do because I am a farmer and I pull my RV with it a lot.”

Part 2
“I just got home a week ago and I put that in my truck and changed my oil and instantly my truck started running like a top, I am serious within 100 miles all the popping snapping and jerking was gone and has not been back. I cannot believe this. Man I have been spreading the word about your product, how good it is. Man, thank you and God Bless.”

Dion B. from Laurel, MS

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