Semi Truck Excessive White Smoke


Several things could be causing white smoke:

Problem: Stiction in the injectors Use one full dose of Diesel Extreme to clean out your injectors.

Problem: Poor fuel quality

Problem: Blown head gasket


White smoke can be caused by a couple of different things. If there is only smoke on start up, which goes away when the truck gets warmed up, it is likely unburned fuel. An injector with stiction can cause an issue where the combustion temperatures are not high enough to completely burn the fuel. Using one full dose of Stiction Eliminator to clean out your injectors will give your truck a boost when cold.
Poor fuel quality can cause water in the fuel without you realizing it. If the “water in fuel” light is on, or you just suspect water in the fuel, use Diesel Extreme to clear out the system and change your fuel filter.

If your truck is using excessive coolant and smoking white all of the time, this can be a sign of a blown head gasket, but this is not common in these trucks. If it is coolant, the exhaust will have a sweet smell to it.

If it is smoking white all of the time and the exhaust smells almost like bug spray, feel free to contact one of our diesel experts.

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