Friction Reducer

“The customer support is outstanding!”

“My name is Jonathan. I own a Ford F550 a 2005 model year with 6 liter Power Stroke diesel. It’s been modified so it carries about 15 to 17,000 pounds daily. I discovered Hot Shot’s Secret by following an online forum and I can’t be happier as a user of Hot Shot’s Secret! I’ve noticed cooler operating temperatures, primarily that the engine runs so smooth and so quiet. I know that the Hot Shot’s Secret is definitely helping me out! My fuel economy is outstanding. I’m getting on average between 12-13 miles per gallon. I’m also using the Friction Reducer and the Diesel Extreme for the fuel, trying to treat every aspect of the engine. The customer support is outstanding! I’m getting preventative treatment, rather than reactive treatment. Hot Shot’s Secret, that’s the way to go!”

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