THE ONLY Stiction PRODUCT TESTED BY FORD/NAVISTAR. Proven by Navistar Engineers to fix 9 out of 10 injectors. Hassle-free money back guaranteed.

In 2005, we were the first & only company commissioned by FORD & International(Navistar) to resolve the sticky friction (or “stiction”) issue in 6.0L injectors. Let's explain how it all started...


  • “Failing” Injector(s)
  • White smoke
  • Rough running/idling
  • Misfire

Experiencing these Symptoms? You are not alone, these issues are common with the HEUI injectors in your Ford 6.0L or 7.3L Powerstroke.


Stiction is the sticky, gummy residue of burnt oil on moving engine parts that causes dragging friction. Stiction can occur on your diesel’s HEUI injectors, o-rings, springs, piston and the turbocharger. The most obvious symptom of stiction is a diagnosis of a failed injector. However, other symptoms of stiction occur well before your mechanic runs the diagnostics on your engine. If you are experiencing white smoke, rough running/idling or misfires, stiction is likely the problem. If your diesel hesitates to accelerate or has been losing power, then you could be experiencing stiction. A steady and consistent drop in your MPG can also be an indicator of a stiction problem.

About the HEUI in your Ford 6.0L & 7.3L

Collaboration between International Truck & Engine Corporation and Caterpillar lead to the introduction of the HEUI system in 1993. The use of hydraulic force to pressurize fuel for injection was groundbreaking and allowed for cleaner, more powerful and efficient diesel engines. Hydraulically actuated electronic unit injection (HEUI) fuel systems utilize highly pressurized engine oil to drive plungers pressurizing fuel for injection. Until the development of the HEUI system, pressurization of fuel and injection timing events were controlled mechanically.

Why HEUI injectors have problems

Inside your injectors, barely a thimbleful of oil has the job of lubricating the spool valve, piston, springs and o-rings. This oil is exposed to temperatures much higher than reported on your engine temp gauge. With enough time and heat, the oil breaks down: a combination of carbon buildup, sludge, and varnishing occurs within the HEUI injector spool valve, and leaves a gummy residue on the inside of the injector. This “gumminess” can cause a hesitation in the piston or spring release which can cause a diagnostic computer to trigger a “failed injector” code. This gummy, sticky, friction is called stiction.

Temporary Fixes

Drivers sometimes choose to use “lubricants” to resolve stiction. This creates a temporary improvement, as lubricants can relieve the dragging effect for only a short time. Lubricants are not designed to remove sticky burnt-oil residue, which is the root cause of stiction. A short time after a lubricant has been added, the stiction symptoms return. Treating stiction with a lubricant is like spraying cooking oil on a dirty frying pan. It only masks the problem. In reality, stiction’s negative impact to your diesel’s performance never left as it was simply masked by the lubricant. Some products that are used to clean out stiction contain harsh solvents and can cause wear to your engine. These products are meant to be added to your engine oil then removed shortly thereafter, so further harm doesn’t take place inside your engine. This also means these types of products will not provide long-term stiction-removal from your engine and the problem will return.

Proven SOLUTION with Lasting Results

Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator contains zero harmful solvents and was engineered to be left in your engine oil for thousands of miles. It contains a synthetic cleaner that safely & effectively removes stiction, while ALSO lubricating. Stiction Eliminator is proven to reduce turbo spool times by cleaning turbo bearings, restore compression by freeing up piston rings and reduce wear in your engine by 62% through friction-reduction, by adding our proprietary nano lubricant to your oil. Using the most effective nano lubricant available, nano carbons, these particles are spherical in shape and less than 10 nanometers in diameter. This allows the lubricant to find the voids and blemishes on a machined surface, fill these gaps and provide a smoother surface for the lubricating film to form.

The Original Stiction Eliminator™
Engine Restorative and Nano-Lubricant Oil Additive

  • Restores 9 out of 10 “Failing” HEUI Injectors*
  • Cleans injector spool valve and intensifier piston
  • Cleans turbo, rings, and oil pump
  • Reduces & prevents wear by up to 62% more than competitors
  • Removes more stiction than competitors

  *Verified by independent 3rd party OEM testing.



100% SATISFACTION or your money back

GUARANTEED not to void manufacturer’s warranty


Before You Replace Your injectors WATCH THIS:

    “I used this on my 2005 Ford F350 6.0 after I had trouble starting with stuck injectors. I would have to try cold starting my truck 3 or 4 times before a big white puff of smoke would spew out the exhaust and it would start. Started fine when warm. My truck has over 147k miles on it. I wanted to see if this would work and save me from an expensive repair bill.

I put it in with Rotella Synthetic 5w-40 when I changed my oil based on what I read on some diesel forums. This replaces 2 quarts of oil. I noticed improvement after about 250 miles and now that I have over 500 miles the issue seems to be gone all together. Engine also runs smoother. Very Happy with results!”

– Dan      

Developed specifically for your Powerstroke:

We are known as The Original Stiction Eliminator™ for a reason. In 2005, we were commissioned by FORD to resolve the sticky friction (or “stiction”) issue with injectors on the Power Stroke 6.0 liter engine. Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator came to market after being the ONLY Stiction formula tested and verified by Ford. Their testing proved to reverse the HEUI injector problem 9 out of 10 times, and eliminate the performance and warranty issues caused by stiction in the Navistar and Ford Powerstroke Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI injectors). We didn’t just stop there. As new lubricant technologies have become available over the last decade we have continued to test and refine our Stiction Eliminator formula to ensure that it works better than any other Stiction copycat product on the market. With it’s patented nano lubricant technology you can have the confidence that The Original Stiction Eliminator was designed and refined for your Powerstroke; and we will continue to improve and evolve…


Triple-Threat Testing Process

We understand what it’s like to be disappointed by products that do not live up to their claims. That’s why all Hot Shot’s Secret products are subject to rigorous, scientific, triple-threat testing:

  1. Testing in our world-class R&D lab
  2. Independent, third-party dynamometer testing
  3. Real-world testing

We know what the results are before you buy the product, ensuring that the product you purchase outperforms the other solutions on the market.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

2 QT – $54.95 ADD TO CART

Perfect Deep-Clean Dose for your POWERSTROKE

Replaces 2 quarts of oil at your next oil change

Deep clean lasts for 3-4 oil changes!

GUARANTEED to work in 2 hours or less!