A Different Kind of Company

Solving Problems Is Our Guiding Principle

Hot Shot’s Secret is founded on the principle that fixing engine problems and improving our customers’ lives are our top priorities. Some customers have told us that they could no longer get to work and support their families because they could not afford an expensive but necessary engine repair. Our products resolved their engine problems so they could get back to work. Changing people’s lives for the better is why we do what we do!

Our products provide problem-specific solutions for vehicle owners across the United States and around the world. Our experienced professionals understand the needs of diesel- and gasoline-powered engines. We create products with highly concentrated formulas that are much more impactful than the diluted bottled products commonly found on retail shelves. Hot Shot’s Secret products improve engine performance while solving problems that our competitors’ products cannot fix.

Powered by Science Is More than a Tagline

Trust us — our products WORK! Hot Shot’s Secret will not sell a product unless it solves the problem it is intended to address. Our products are engineered to resolve issues, make equipment last longer and improve efficiency. Nothing leaves our building with our name on it unless we know it is absolutely the BEST it can be.

We understand what it’s like to be disappointed by products that do not live up to their claims. That’s why all new Hot Shot’s Secret products are subject to rigorous, scientific, triple-threat testing: (1) testing in our world-class R&D lab, (2) independent, third-party dynamometer testing and (3) real-world testing. We know what the results are before you buy the product, ensuring that the product you purchase outperforms the other solutions on the market.

We Are Driven to Serve Our Customers

The Best Products. Hot Shot’s Secret makes industrial-grade products available not only to our commercial and industrial customers, but also to the everyday consumer. We develop one tier of product that is formulated to be the BEST — one that enables our sponsored race car drivers to achieve world records — and offer it in smaller quantities to each customer.

Money-Back Guarantee. We believe so strongly in the quality of Hot Shot’s Secret products, that we offer a money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you find that a product does not deliver as promised or does not solve your specific problem, we will give you your money back — with no questions asked.

Putting You Above Profit. Our Diagnose Your Diesel feature does not generate revenue for our company. We offer our expertise as a public service by providing a DIY tool to help you quickly diagnose diesel engine issues and uncover solutions. Hot Shot’s Secret is more committed to helping you fix your problems than we are to selling you a bottle of additive.

A Very Brief History of Hot Shot’s Secret

Our parent company, industry-leading Lubrication Specialties (LSI) specializes in hard-to-handle lubrication areas. LSI’s ultimate goal is to figure out what the problem or inefficiency is, and to fix it using the latest lubrication, additive or equipment available. The company has resolved problems for some of the largest companies in North America, including Nucor Steel, American Showa, Midwest Industries and X-Tec.

The company’s flagship product, Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator, was developed in 2005 for International Truck and Engine Corporation to resolve the sticky friction (or “stiction”) issue with injectors on the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 liter engine.

What’s in a Name? Why Hot Shot’s Secret?

Wondering where our name came from? Hot Shot’s Secret was named for hotshotters, the drivers who run for-hire freight across the country in Class 3 – 5 trucks in combination with a trailer. Our products were originally made to address their goal of avoiding downtime while minimizing costs.

Small Town Roots. Big Problems Solved!

Hot’s Shot Secret began in a two-car garage in Ohio with a problem to solve, not a product to sell. Today, we provide more than 30 automotive products that meet the needs of vehicles of every make and model — from gas- to diesel-powered. Each product formulation is proven to dramatically increase the life of your engine and improve your vehicle’s performance.

Members of Many Industry Associations

  • Lubrication Specialties Inc. BBB Business Review


To solve real world “industry specific” problems that no one else can by quickly providing high quality solutions to all consumers. To create an unparalleled team with our employees, customers, and partners.


Hot Shot’s Secret strives to continue to develop products that will specifically and globally reduce consumers carbon footprint and personal impact on the environment.


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