Diesel Duo

“350 Miles…My Baby is Running 80% Better!”

“Bought a 2006 5.9 Cummins knowing that it was missing but had to have her. Took it to the shop and they said #3 was reading at 1.6 and needed to be replaced. My 16 year old son told me about a stiction remover he saw on Truck U. Did my research and found your product. I am 350 miles into the oil change with adding the Hot Shot Stiction Eliminator and also the Diesel Extreme to my fuel and my baby is already running 80% better! Can’t wait to see what your product continues to do for her!”

– Tanesha S. from Corpus Christi, TX

2 thoughts on ““350 Miles…My Baby is Running 80% Better!””

  • He’ll there I have a 2003 duramax injectors where replace back 2005 for recall my block header went bad so for a couple of day’s I was starting the the truck on extreme cold weather repair the block header the truck runs very strong no smoke what so ever no what I notice lately it’s smoking a very light blue smoke and idle a little off so when I drive down the road is fine but when I stop at a light more smoke I stomp on the throttle n goes a way any suggestions

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