oil change

6 Ways to Extend Oil Change Intervals

1. Check the owner’s manual – Many vehicle owners will automatically have their oil changed every 3,000 miles. This interval has been around for most of the driving population’s lifetime, but due to advances in the oil and automobile industries, this practice may be outdated for your vehicle. It’s not uncommon for owner’s manuals to […]

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Firepunk Diesel

Firepunk Diesel Sets NHRDA World Records

NHRDA Title Sponsor Hot Shot’s Secret congratulates Lavon Miller and his team on setting the NHRDA Pro Street E.T. and MPH World Records. Lavon Miller and his team made the trip from Ohio to Oklahoma Diesel Nationals in Tulsa, OK ready to show the fans and competitors that he meant business. In qualifying, Miller piloted […]

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Lavon Miller Truck

How to Prepare for the Drag Strip

As Title Sponsor of the NHRDA and Outlaw Diesel Super Series Pro Street class sponsor we get to interact with diesel performance enthusiasts all over the country. Some truck owners have parachutes and nitrous oxide systems; others want to get on the strip for the first time. Let’s talk about what it takes to get […]

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HEUI Injector

History of the HEUI

The Need for More Fuel Pressure In the 1980’s manufacturers began exploring technical solutions for upcoming emission standards. The limitations of mechanically governed fuel systems that were first introduced in the 1950’s and 60’s were quickly becoming an issue. The primary disadvantage is that mechanical systems pressurized fuel by either an injection pump driven by […]

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FR3 2 QT and 1 QT

Stiction Eliminator vs FR3, what’s the difference?

We get asked this question frequently, so we’ve decided to explain the differences between the two products in depth in this article for your convenience. Stiction Eliminator was developed primarily for its cleaning properties, as well as its ability to help prevent any kind of build up inside of an engine, whether it’s dirt, carbon, […]

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fuel pump

5 tips for improving your fuel economy!

1. Tires. Monitor your tire pressure every chance you get, otherwise you’re throwing money out the window. Look for low rolling resistance tires next time you shop for tires. The fuel savings over the life of the low rolling resistance tires can completely pay for your next set of tires! 2. Engine. Instead of running […]

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Ford Tech Makuloco

Ford Tech Makuloco Talks Powerstroke Engines

We asked Ford Tech Makuloco about Powerstrokes, here’s what he said. He is the go to source for all Ford questions and problems, make sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe for new videos! When I started working with Ford in 2005 I came at a prime time when the 7.3L Powerstroke was […]

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