Stiction Eliminator

Oil additive
Restores injectors
Improves power

Diesel Extreme

Fuel additive
Cleans injectors
Removes water

Everyday Diesel Treatment

Fuel additive
Boosts cetane
Increase MPG

Transmission Stiction Eliminator

Dissolves varnish
Smoother shifting
Wear protection

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Look Inside a Diesel Engine

Mile after mile, the injectors in your diesel power your performance on the road. The injectors are under extreme pressure, up to 35,000 PSI, which efficiently atomizes fuel, providing a cleaner burn for more power. But high pressure leads to high temperatures, which burns the oil inside your injector. The oil changes into a gummy, sticky residue coating the internals and creating friction. That sticky friction is called “stiction”. Your injectors with stiction can’t deliver optimum performance. First a decrease in turbo boost, then loss of power and hard starts. Your oil pressure drops; you experience hesitation, idling, and excessive black smoke. Your lifetime fuel mileage decreases. Severe cases of stiction are often misdiagnosed as “failed” injectors.


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