Take a look inside an engine with Hot Shot’s Secret.

Watch how stiction is formed by the high pressure and high temperatures in your engine. See how you can restore your HEUI injectors!

Two Guy’s Garage –
Diesel Extreme Tech Tip

CarFix –
Stiction Eliminator

All Girl’s Garage –

The Truth About Motorkote Hyper Lubricant.

“The dangers of chlorinated paraffins.”

This test shows that in a period of 100 hours at 300°F, a popular retail oil-additive begins to oxidize, causing sludge and stiction.

Stiction Eliminator featuring Bogi
and Chris Gabrelcik

Most popular diagnose video. Troubleshooting a rough running or misfiring issue in a 6.0L Ford Powerstroke.

All Girl’s Garage –
featuring Bogi and Chris Gabrelcik

Stiction Eliminator Quick Fix

Stiction Eliminator on TruckU

Diesel Extreme featured on TruckU

Diesel Extreme Fuel Demonstration on TruckU

Diesel Extreme 30 Second Commercial

Diesel Duo on TruckU

Diesel Winter Anti-Gel on Two Guy’s Garage

Everyday Diesel Treatment – EDT on TruckU

Stiction Eliminator 30 Second Commercial
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