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Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator

“Unreal Money-Back Guarantee”

“I purchased the Stiction Eliminator from Auto Zone in Jerome, Idaho after watching all the Hot Shot’s Secret videos in the world. And, after reading all the literature out there on Hot Shot’s Secret products, I used the Stiction Eliminator for 2 days when the truck really turned for the worst. We had to take the whole motor apart, and long story short, [a few] injectors were bad (I mean BAD coming-apart-bad). I read that Hot Shot’s Secret gives a 100 percent money back guarantee after 4000 miles. I was thinking I would not get a refund, BUT I mailed in my proof of purchase and voila, refund was at my house 4 days later. I will be back to purchase Hot Shot’s Secret items again, unreal money-back guarantee! Gotta love this company, thank you. I promise to be back to purchase either Stiction Eliminator, Diesel Extreme, Friction Reducer, Blue Diamond, or Diesel Winter Anti-Gel; you guys are the BEST!

– Thanks again, Dennis from Boise, Idaho”

diesel duo

“I Quit Using Normal Oil Additives…”

“I have tried the Stiction Eliminator and Diesel Extreme; was leery at first, but a friend tried it and told me he noticed an improvement almost immediately. So I bought it, got my oil changed, and man what a difference! More power and the engine ran smoother and quieter. I had to tell more friends and they have had the same results. I have since quit using the normal oil additives and just use your product. Thanks!”

– Randy E. from Oklahoma

“Saved Me From Spending 600 Dollars”

“I have a 2009 Volvo 780 with a Cummins ISX that was overdue for a particulate filter cleaning, and was regenerating every 50-100 miles. I put in the Diesel Extreme, and it restored the entire regeneration system. Truck is running noticeably better. It regens between 300-350 miles now, back where it’s supposed to be. It saved me from spending 600 dollars and shutting down the truck for 3 days to clean the filter.”

-James R.

“5 Out Of 5 Stars. Totally Awesome Product, Best Money I Have Ever Spent”

“My 04 6.0 had major spool valve issues; I had 3 injector misfire codes all the time cold or hot. Tried Rev-x and Archoil with no help at all, so I decided to try Hot Shot’s Secret before I spent the $3,000 on injectors. Changed my oil and added 2 qts. of Stiction Eliminator. At first I didn’t notice any difference at all. About 1000 miles into the oil change noticed a huge change: all injector codes are totally gone, truck runs like new again. I will definitely be running it in my fleet of 6.0 service trucks too. Best $65 I have spent in a long time…”

– Josh J. from Fairfield, WA

“I recommend your products frequently as I think they’re high quality…”

“The product works great i used it on my F 350 personal pick up. I had a 6 liter in it you know how problematic a 6 liters can be and it works great I mean I never had a problem with it I would highly recommend this product  of yours. I have recommended it to a bunch of friends as well as the other products you guys carry and I everyone I know let’s thats used your products was happy and very pleased with them. I continue to use your products and have ordered since and the other times when  I talked with friends who have order products as well have continued to order them. Like I said I recommend your products frequently as I think they’re high quality products and I think you guys should continue selling them, and God bless have a nice day, thank you.”

– Cory R. from Fort Carson, CO

Diesel Duo

“$50 Is A Lot Cheaper Than The Cost Of Replacing An Injector”

“I have been using both the oil additive Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator, and the diesel fuel treatment Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme for over 3 years with great success. ‘Till recently it was only available at Rural King, and a few mom-and-pops. I read the label, and took a chance on it and have never regretted doing so. I’ve told scores of drivers about them both and the results I have experienced. At best they didn’t believe me…thought it was “Snake Oil”. I was so glad to see the article in the Road King magazine about these products. Now, those drivers that really care about their engines and saving money (not replacing bungled-up injectors) have a way to do so. $50 is a lot cheaper than the cost of replacing an injector. Keep up the good work!”

– Elton C. from Clarksville, TN

Diesel Duo

“350 Miles…My Baby is Running 80% Better!”

“Bought a 2006 5.9 Cummins knowing that it was missing but had to have her. Took it to the shop and they said #3 was reading at 1.6 and needed to be replaced. My 16 year old son told me about a stiction remover he saw on Truck U. Did my research and found your product. I am 350 miles into the oil change with adding the Hot Shot Stiction Eliminator and also the Diesel Extreme to my fuel and my baby is already running 80% better! Can’t wait to see what your product continues to do for her!”

– Tanesha S. from Corpus Christi, TX

“Maybe I’m Treating the Wrong Side of the Injector?”

“I was searching around on youtube for similar hard cold start problems like I was having with my 06 F350. Some how I stumbled on a video of the Hot Shot’s Secret . I watched a few video’s, then I found one that explained about stiction and had a cut away of an injector with oil built up inside of it. Then I got to thinkin’…..maybe I’m treating the wrong side of the injector? A couple video’s later, I went on the hot shot’s website to locate it. Found it at Travel America truck plaza in Pembroke N.Y., bought some and went back home to change the oil in my truck. 300 miles later I’m already noticing a difference. I’m going to take another video of me starting my truck in the cold temps and post to youtube. (before and after video’s. I wish I would of took that video this morning when it was -4 degrees.) Long story short………….I’m a believer.”

– Jay S. from Gasport, New York

“I Tried Every Diesel Product on the Market…”

“I have an ’88 model 444 Cummins that sat for 10 years and it wouldn’t run right. I tried every diesel product on the market to get it back to normal and nothing helped. I was about to replace the injectors until I heard of Hot Shot’s Secret, used the Stiction Eliminator and it’s running better than ever now! All the problems I had are gone now, and just bought some Diesel Extreme and Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] to try to improve the performance even more.”

-Ernest S. from Maryland

Blue Diamond Engine Oil

“Starts As If It Were 70 Degrees”

blue_diamond“I want to tell you that I have been running the Blue Diamond in my Yanmar tractor. This YM2000 has no starting aids, and prior using Blue Diamond, it was nearly impossible to start in the mid 20’s and lower temperatures. After installing the Blue Diamond, the temperature can drop into the teens, and the engine starts almost as easily as if it were 70 degrees, and the engine runs with much less mechanical noise.”
– David K. from Mooringsport, LA