Why you should be carrying and selling a ton of Everyday Diesel Treatment.

It says it right in the name “Everyday” Diesel Treatment. This is a product that has potential to move off the shelves all year long and fast! Your advantage is diesel trucks disadvantage…. Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSF). Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel is extremely inconstant from fuel station to fuel station. ULSF is extremely dry, the lack of lubricant in the fuel over time damages the fuel system of the truck. EDT is a high quality fuel additive that lubricates the ULSF and has chemical agents that make the worst quality diesel fuel into a premium fuel. It even adds a cetane boost. These benefits combine to not only protect a truck from the dangers of ULSF, but also improve the efficiency of the truck, improving fuel mileage.

Once your customers use EDT and see the benefits they’ll be back time and time again. We recommend your customers clean out their entire fuel system with a treatment of Diesel Extreme before using Everyday Diesel Treatment. Another advantage to selling EDT is that no major retailer carries EDT. This allows you to carry something the other guys don’t have. As long as Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel is around there will be a need for EDT. Most diesel owners are unaware of the damages caused by ULSF, once you make them aware and they experience the benefits of EDT first hand they’ll be back on a regular basis. They won’t want to fill up without it!

What sets Hot Shot’s Secret apart from the competition? Our stuff works. EDT, in every case we’ve observed, has raised an engine’s MPG enough to completely pay for itself. We had a customer use EDT in a CAT 3406b for 3 consecutive months, his MPG went from an average of 4.95 to 6.28 MPG. That’s a 26% increase! EDT costs 2 cents per treated gallon, with most users seeing bumps of 3-7% in their MPG, your customer’s won’t be just saving money, they’ll be making money! Look over at the additive shelf, if you don’t have a bottle of EDT or a running low, now’s the time to stock up on EDT. Fuel prices are on the rise, customer’s will be coming in asking for it, don’t let them leave empty handed.

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