One thought on ““My whole family drives diesels…””

  • I have been fighting my ’05 6.0 Powerstroke since I bought it with 80k on it. In cold weather it had no power until it had run for 30 minutes and it has never delivered good mileage regardless of the time of year. It wasn’t showing codes, so it was like finding a needle in a haystack but I figured I was bound for injector replacements. After reading about it I went to Travel America in Boise and bought Hot Shot’s Secret. I replaced two quarts of oil with Stiction Eliminator and added 16 ounces of Diesel Extreme to the fuel 150 miles ago. HOLY COW!! Already an amazing difference. I can drive off after 10 minutes warm up following sitting outside overnight with the confidence that if I need the power, it’s there even though the engine hasn’t completely warmed up yet. It is also running smoother and appears to be ahead on mileage. I think less than $100 investment just saved me thousands!! Thank you for this amazing product!!

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