Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator

“Unreal Money-Back Guarantee”

“I purchased the Stiction Eliminator from Auto Zone in Jerome, Idaho after watching all the Hot Shot’s Secret videos in the world. And, after reading all the literature out there on Hot Shot’s Secret products, I used the Stiction Eliminator for 2 days when the truck really turned for the worst. We had to take the whole motor apart, and long story short, [a few] injectors were bad (I mean BAD coming-apart-bad). I read that Hot Shot’s Secret gives a 100 percent money back guarantee after 4000 miles. I was thinking I would not get a refund, BUT I mailed in my proof of purchase and voila, refund was at my house 4 days later. I will be back to purchase Hot Shot’s Secret items again, unreal money-back guarantee! Gotta love this company, thank you. I promise to be back to purchase either Stiction Eliminator, Diesel Extreme, Friction Reducer, Blue Diamond, or Diesel Winter Anti-Gel; you guys are the BEST!

– Thanks again, Dennis from Boise, Idaho”

5 thoughts on ““Unreal Money-Back Guarantee””

  • I have used your product in all my personal vehicles and I am pleased with how much better they run especially in my wife’s Chrysler minivan. My question is when should I change the oil again? the normal 3000 mile interval or sooner?

  • As everyone here I was skeptical but decided to try the fuel side first. I have been using the white jug fuel additive for several years and hoping it was doing something beneficial for my engine. I have a 2003 long nose 379 C15 Platinum overhauled about 380k miles ago. I put the Hotshot fuel additive in my tanks and within 200 miles my engine was running so smooth I was waiting for a rod to come through the side of the motor. It wasn’t until I stopped for the evening that I could tell just how smooth the motor was running I pulled a nickel out of the ashtray and stood it up on the dash and it never moved. Laying in the sleeper that night it was strange feeling how smooth the truck was running with zero vibration. I can tell you the oil side will get treated next week and I will recommend Hotshot to everyone I come in contact with, I’m sold..
    Kevin White
    Fort Worth,Tx

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