Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel: Public Enemy #1

Ever since the EPA mandated that all highway diesel fuel vehicles must use Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSF) there have been problems. Diesel engines need to be lubricated on the fuel side, from the fuel tank to the injectors. ULSF is very dry, it does not provide the lubrication High Sulfur Fuel used to provide. Many Fleet Managers will tell you that an additive must be used with ULSF if you want your truck to be performing like it was designed to. Another common issue caused by ULSF is corrosion. All the metal parts touched by ULSF will eventually corrode, this is caused by the aggressive chemicals put into the ULSF.

To combat the problems caused by Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel, diesel fuels need to be treated with an additive designed to lubricate and protect the entire fuel system. Only a few additives on the market are designed to do both. Hot Shot’s Secret has designed a fuel additive for everyday use. Everyday Diesel Treatment was designed to combat the inconsistencies in ULSF and prevent damage caused by ULSF and the lack of lubricating properties. Everyday Diesel Treatment provides a cetane boost, lubricating agents, and also protects the fuel system from corrosion caused by ULSF and as the name applies, it’s safe to use every day. EDT is another example of how Lubrication Specialties finds a problem in the diesel industry, then provides the solution for that problem.

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