Breaking News: Ford Settles 6.0L Class Action Lawsuit

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As of late October 2013, Ford Motor Co. has finally agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit related to the 6.0L engine. These were found in various SuperDuty Trucks, Vans, Excursions, and ambulances* from 2003-2007. Even though it was ranked on best-engine lists for 2003 and considered well-made overall, there was a myriad of problems with the Navistar design. Components affected ranged from injectors, the fuel injection control module, egr system, and turbocharger.

The founder of Lubrication Specialties, Chris Gabrelcik, developed an injector specific solution with Ford and Navistar engineers, which eventually became Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator.

For more information and to see if you are eligible, visit
*Ambulances are not eligible for reimbursement.


“Thanks For Being There”

disel_extreme64“I’ve used the the oil additive & the fuel Diesel Extreme in my 2003 F-250 6.0 (original engine) with 82,000 miles. I had the FICM repaired and replaced the Injector Pressure Control Sensor recently (the last oil change I used the Stiction oil additive and the truck is running great).

Thanks for being there.”

Michael R. from Hanford, California