Stiction Eliminator and Gasoline Engines

Hot Shot’s Secret STICTION ELIMINATOR has been saving diesel engines since 2004. Its ability to provide superior cleaning and boost lubrication properties of the host oil make it one of the only multipurpose additives available today. Over the years, this one-of-a-kind product has been reformulated in order to remain the best possible solution for removing the layers of stiction that robs engines of power and create excessive wear over time.

The most recent development to the STICTION ELIMINATOR formula has provided an opportunity to resolve issues related to high performance gasoline engines. Similar to diesels, constant friction and extreme temperatures inside these high performance engines will result in a burning effect of the oil causing a layer of oxidized oil and its additives to form over time. Although stiction is certainly an issue in high performance gas engines, oil consumption and turbo life also haunt the owners of these vehicles.

By using STICTION ELIMINATOR in a gasoline engine, users will have an immediate reduction in friction and start seeing the benefits of a clean engine within the first hundred miles. This advanced cleaning and friction reducing technology helps quiet the engine, reduce vibrations, eradicate many rough idle issues, reduce operating temperatures, and extend the lifespan of the engine and turbo(s). Here’s what Gilbert, a first time user of our products; had to say about our product in his gasoline powered Audi “I was able to try out the new formula for gasoline engines in my ‘01 Audi A4. I was having lots of tapping and clicking from the engine bay and I thought why not. So about a week into having it in a fresh oil change I can say my noises have been reduced by at least 80%. I honestly couldn’t believe it at first, especially on cold starts it would be LOUD, like bro your car sounds like a diesel. Now it’s back to being quiet with just a tiny bit of ticking which could be CCT but for all purposes I would give this product a recommendation. The first in its class to back up what the label says.”

Originally published in LSI Innovation Magazine – Issue 106

21 thoughts on “Stiction Eliminator and Gasoline Engines”

  • im interested in trying this product but all im seeing on the label …it is for diesel engines I have a gas engine is there an item number or part number for the one for gas engines…thanks

    • Hi Steve, sorry for any confusion. The same product/item number is and has been applicable for both diesel AND gas engines. Thanks!

  • The ads always talk about injectors, will it help an older carbureted engine? I rebuild ’50’s trucks with original engines.

    • Yes absolutely Chris! It will clean everything the oil comes in contact with, safely and effectively throughout the oil change interval.

  • 4.8qt w/filter on my 2.1L vw engine,how much do i use of stiction eliminator per oil change and at what interval i.e. at every oil change or?

  • tapping noise in my ’91 VW Vanagon full Westy 2.1L gas water boxer engine, ok to use Striction Eliminator, if so how? I’m using VR1 20w 50 oil w/ high zinc content. Striction Eliminator is it a “solvent based” cleaning agent, my understanding using strictly solvents not a good idea in cheaper “parts store” brands

    • Hello Stephen, the Stiction Eliminator is formulated and tested to work with ANY oil, including a 20w50 high zinc. It is much less a solvent, and more designed to break-down stiction on the molecular level and safe for the entire oil change interval.

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