Hot Shot’s Secret Products are Ready to Enliven the Lubricant Market in Indonesia

October 22, 2021

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Fronted by PT Papasari, the Hot Shot’s Secret brand will enliven the lubricant market in Indonesia. Hot Shot’s Secret itself is a product of LSI Chemical, a company in the engine lubricant industry.

LSI Chemical President, Todd Cowley said, “Hot Shot’s Secret is produced with a concentrated formula by experienced professionals for the needs of diesel and gasoline engines.

“Our products are designed to solve problems and increase equipment durability and vehicle performance,” explained Cowley, in his official broadcast, Tuesday (10/19).

Cowley claims, his concoction product is able to improve engine performance while providing a solution to the problems of the owners of the vehicle.

On the other hand, Ivan Prasodjo Sales & Product Manager of PT Papasari admitted that he was proud to have received the trust of LSI Chemicals to be the sole distributor of Hot Shot’s Secret in Indonesia.

“With more than 45 years of experience in the automotive industry, we feel very well matched with Hot Shot’s Secret, which is a product of one of the best engine oil industry companies in America,” he added.

In detail, Hot Shot’s Secret products are divided into two sets, namely fuel and oil additives. In its use, the Hot Shot’s Secret BBM additive product set is divided into two treatment steps called 2 Step Fuel Treatment.

Meanwhile, the maintenance steps for the performance of gasoline and diesel engines from Hot Shot’s Secret oil products are called 2 Step Oil Treatment.

For 2 Step Fuel Treatment, first, there is Extreme Diesel which is used every six months. This product is the initial maintenance for the entire fuel system.

The high concentration of Cetane provides explosive combustion of the fuel while cleaning and protecting the tank to prevent further damage.

Second, there is the Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) which is used every time you fill the fuel tank. EDT itself is a concentrated Cetane-boosting formula.

The formula is claimed to be able to improve the quality of diesel fuel by preventing water and deposits from building up in the fuel system.

As for 2 Step Oil Treatment, first, there is a Stiction Eliminator which is used as a medium in initial treatment when changing engine oil.

The Stiction Eliminator can clean the entire lubricating system by removing friction from turbo bearings, oil pumps and so on in the engine.

Second, FR3 Friction Reducer is used after every two oil changes. FR3 Friction Reducer uses 3 synthetic lubricants, including a Nanotechnology lubricant. This product serves to fill and adhere to microscopic gaps in the machine.

As reported by the American market research company NPD Group Retail Tracking Service in January 2021, the sales performance of Hot Shot’s Secret products is very positive.

Based on the data mentioned, Hot Shot’s Secret products managed to dominate sales in the engine maintenance segment with a growth of 24.1%, and the diesel and fuel tank maintenance segment with a growth of 31%.

For information, PT Papasari plans to launch Hot Shot’s Secret product at the end of this year. Precisely in October or November 2021.