The OSU Center for Automotive Research Completes Third Party Testing of Hot Shot’s Secret Products

Fedex truck on Dyno

Recently, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme and Stiction Eliminator underwent third party dynamometer testing at The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research by the Engineering Services group. Using the EPA’s Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedules (UDDS) and the 55 miles-per-hour steady-state cruise test, the product’s effects on fuel economy during urban and highway conditions were determined. A FedEx contracted 2006 Freightliner P500 was used for the test, powered by a turbo Cummins engine. The test vehicle’s odometer prior to testing read 247,631 miles; no mechanical issues or diagnostic codes were present for the duration of the test. A professional driver was used to conduct the tests; baseline and product tests were conducted on the same day with the same weather conditions. Fuel consumption was measured gravimetrically to four significant digits by use of an external fuel tank.

After initial baseline tests without product were complete, the products were then tested. Diesel Extreme was added to the external fuel tank per the product’s label instructions after the initial baseline tests were completed. Diesel Extreme improved fuel economy in the UDDS tests 2.1%, and the steady-state test used to simulate highway driving yielded a 5.1% increase.

After Diesel Extreme tests were complete, one and a half quarts of engine oil was drained from the oil system and replaced with Stiction Eliminator. This amount was added to the oil fill cap per the product’s label at one quart of additive per ten quarts of engine oil. Stiction Eliminator increased urban fuel economy by 2.2% in the UDDS and improved highway fuel economy 3.6% in the steady-state test.

Diesel Extreme’s results are likely a result of removing internal diesel injector deposits that prohibited proper fuel spray or injector operation. The fuel economy increase may have also been caused by the cetane boost and fuel quality improvements made by Diesel Extreme. Stiction Eliminator’s results might be attributed to the cleaning of internal engine components such as the turbo bearings, as well as the reduction of friction inside the engine, helping the engine run more efficiently.

When used simultaneously, the products improved the Freightliner’s highway fuel economy by 8.7%.

See the official results here:

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