“I Tried Every Diesel Product on the Market…”

“I have an ’88 model 444 Cummins that sat for 10 years and it wouldn’t run right. I tried every diesel product on the market to get it back to normal and nothing helped. I was about to replace the injectors until I heard of Hot Shot’s Secret, used the Stiction Eliminator and it’s running better than ever now! All the problems I had are gone now, and just bought some Diesel Extreme and Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] to try to improve the performance even more.”

-Ernest S. from Maryland

2 thoughts on ““I Tried Every Diesel Product on the Market…””

  • I was sceptical about the product. Every additive claims to work miracles. Figured it was cheaper to try it then a new truck……..I was pleasantly surprised. Within a few hundred miles I could feel a noticeable difference. Start ups are better, more power and no further injector or turbo issues makes me feel like I made the right choice……..I have a notorious 2004 6.0L which compared to others been pretty realiable, but as soon as it hit 100,000 miles it seemed that is when the turbo and two injectors went south. This product sure appears to do what is advertised.

  • I have an 06 f350. Shop told me 6 to 8k to replace injectors and do usual head gaskets. I tried HHS and truck is back to normal!! A/F leak was not head gaskets and injectors are back. No more hard starts or poor running conditions. I highly recommend this product before sinking a ton of money not needed into unit. 300k on unit.

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