Hot Shot’s Secret not just for Powerstrokes?

Due to our flagship product being formulated for Navistar and Ford back in 2007, many diesel owners believe our products are only intended for and effective on Powerstroke engines. On top of that, people assume our products only benefit HEUI injector equipped 6.0L’s and 7.3L’s. That’s not the case. Below is a customer review submitted to us:

“I have a 2007.5 Chevy Silverado 3500 diesel dually, 75,000 Mi. I was towing a trailer about 10,000 LBS from Las Vegas to Ohio. About 60 west of Amarillo Tx. lost power and the computer warning said “engine power reduced to half”, at my last fill up I noticed that there was 68% fuel filter life remaining. When the warning came on and the power was cut my fuel filter life dropped to zero. Standing on the accelerator I was able to get 50 MPH and make it to Amarillo where I took the truck to the Chevy dealer. They ran some tests and said that I needed all new fuel injectors at $980.00 ea. Plus labor to the tune of over $10,000.00.
Without the trailer the truck ran ok, so I told Chevy no thanks I’ll take the truck home and deal with it. The truck was noisy and the turbo sounded like a vacuum cleaner but I made it home.
Watching your videos on line and reading about Hot Shot Secret I decided to give it a try. I put in the Stiction Eliminator and the Diesel Extreme and took the truck for a ride. I don’t know what you guys put in the stuff but within 20 minutes of rolling on the expressway things got better fast. More power, less valve noise, and no turbo noise. The diesel sounds and runs like it did when it was new. I will keep using your products as directed for all my vehicles. I will recommend Hot Shot Secret to everyone, Great Stuff. Thank you so much for creating your product.”
-Chick S.

So how did Stiction Eliminator and Diesel Extreme save this Duramax owner an estimated $10,000?

Diagnostic codes related to injector or turbo performance are often caused by debris clogging the injector’s spool valve or the turbo bearing. Reduced power messages can also arise from these issues, as well as physical or mechanical part failures (TPS, air or fuel filter, etc.). Stiction Eliminator in the oil system will clean the cam, lifters, oil pump and turbo bearing. Diesel Extreme removes deposits inside of injectors, lubricates the fuel pump and injectors, boosts ignition efficiency and improves combustion. Poor quality fuel and build up in the fuel or oil system can all contribute to loss of power or cause a vehicle’s computer to display a code. An injector may have burnt fuel or dirt partially clogging its nozzle and preventing proper spray resulting in a misfire or code. Burnt oil and deposits in the engine will create more friction resulting in increased wear and temperatures, factor in the extra stress from towing and your diesel won’t be happy.

Whether you have mechanical, HEUI, or common rail injectors, Hot Shot’s Secret can help. Stiction Eliminator will remove the stiction and burnt oil build up on the outside of the injector in HEUI equipped engines, but also cleans everywhere that oil touches in all gas and diesel engines. Diesel Extreme will clean the entire fuel system of all diesels. If Hot Shot’s Secret does not fix your problem, then you get your money back; even if you’re suffering from a mechanical issue.

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