Do your employees know what they’re talking about?

That’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself from time to time. Product knowledge is key to selling a product. It would be hard for even the best salesperson to sell something they knew absolutely nothing about. Our most successful dealers train their employees on the products. We asked one of our most successful dealers Jay Sharbono about product knowledge and he couldn’t agree with us more! “Learn the product! All of my employees know about the products and if they don’t have the exact answer the manager will. Knowledge is king” Jay says.

Lucky for you we’ve created lessons on each of our products that your employees can take right from their smartphone! That’s not all, once your employees complete the lessons they’ll be rewarded with a spiff program where they can earn up to $1 for every bottle sold. You can sign yourself and employees up for our product training program by calling your Account Executive and letting them know you are interested in signing up for the Hot Shot’s Secret Product Training Program.

Sign up for training today by calling 1-800-341-6516 or email us at

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