Eliminating Confusion between Hot Shot’s Secret EDT and Diesel Extreme


“The best way to describe the difference between our Diesel Extreme and Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] fuel additives is simple. I like to use the analogy of going to the dentist. Think of it in this way: To treat your truck with our Diesel Extreme formula is like taking your engine for a cleaning at the dentist. It’s an intense cleaning that is needed twice a year to get rid of any stiction build up (plaque) in your tank, lines, and injector tips. We would hurt our mouths if we were to go to the dentist for a cleaning everyday; it is also true when cleaning your engine with our Diesel Extreme product. Our Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT]formula is also a very strong cleaning treatment, however it is better suited for an everyday use; just as we take care of our teeth by brushing them everyday, it is also good to treat your fuel tank with EDT daily. Both products are concentrated cleaners. Diesel Extreme is a concentrated detergent recommended on a SEMI ANNUAL basis (going to the dentist). Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] is a concentrated power booster recommended on a DAILY basis (brushing your teeth).”

10 thoughts on “Eliminating Confusion between Hot Shot’s Secret EDT and Diesel Extreme”

  • Is it possible to use tooooo much extreme diesel in ur tank?? I had 2 injectors sticking an I think I used to much addictive was looking for quick fix now I have no oil pressure An truck will not crank!!

  • Do you know if using this product will void my warranty. I own a 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L/V-6.
    EDT for Daily use, and the Stiction Eliminator & Diesel Extreme @ 10k intervals.

    • Hello Mark. Our products will not void your manufacturer warranty. We’ve developed formulas for engine manufacturers in the past, our products are safe and effective for all vehicles within their intended purpose (for example, refrain from using diesel fuel additives in gasoline vehicles).

  • Do you recommend using either of these products with Propel Diesel HPR synthetic diesel? Seems like Diesel Extreme would be helpful twice a year, but does Diesel HPR already have many of the benefits that EDT would provide, such as higher cetane (75)?

    • You are correct that Propel Diesel HPR already has some of the properties that EDT provides, especially cetane boost and lubricant. The biggest difference is the “keep-clean” element of EDT; we would still recommend a 6 month dose of Diesel Extreme even with high-cetane diesel fuel. Hope that helps!

    • Hello Roger,
      Good question! While both products are 100% compatible with each other, you won’t receive optimal cost effectiveness when using both products simultaneously. We recommend Diesel Extreme by itself to clean the entire fuel system, then switching back to our EDT for a less expensive per treatment way of maintaining the fuel system. You can safely use Diesel Extreme and EDT at the same time, but you’ll have much more “bang for your buck” when you use them separately.

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