Diesel News from Detroit

With the Detroit Auto show in recent headlines, the topic of alternative fuel sources is more prominent than ever. A surprising “new” fuel source is, in fact, diesel (not surprising to us at Lubrication Specialties). It’s not just Volkswagens anymore, even Chrysler and GM are betting on diesel as an alternative to the current spark-plug dominance. It really is a gamble, though, based on consumer acceptance factor as a whole. Americans are still getting over the image of diesels as loud and obnoxious. Oliver Schmidt, head of environment and engineering with Volkswagen Group of America is quoted as saying:

“With current emission regulations … all the stinky, smelly stuff, that is gone”. “Diesel is as clean as the gasoline car today. And with future emission regulations that are coming up, they are getting even cleaner.”

Resource: http://www.npr.org/2014/01/16/262898063/detroit-touts-clean-efficient-diesels-consumers-aren-t-sold

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  • Will this work with a 2008 dura max , my number six injector not functioning dealer wants to replace at the tune of 1500 . Only have 76000 and religious maintenance.

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