“It Cleared Right Out!”

Diesel Extreme“Hi Chris, I’m calling in regarding the Hot Shot’s Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme . I’ve got a sub-compact tractor with a 3 cylinder diesel in it (9 years old). This past summer I felt that it wasn’t running just right; listened to you on the radio with Steve Sommers in September, talking about the Diesel Extreme. I got to thinking, and went and bought some at T.S.C. to put in the tractor; ran it for approximately 30 hours in a 6 week period. It cleared right out! I don’t get any exhaust now when I start it. I believe it cleaned the glow plugs even, because it starts real easy now; only 10-15 seconds before I hit the starter and it takes right off, when before it was cranking-over 4-5 times to fire. Hope to see you in Louisville in March, thank you!”

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  • I own a 2002 F250 7.3. Current mileages is 138,500. Late summer 2013 the engine began spitting and sputtering until the engine really warmed up. After tons of research, I found HotShot Secret. I learned a ton of info just from the website. Jan 18,2014, I added 2 qts. of the stiction eliminator to the engine oil with a fresh oil change. I added 16 oz. of the diesel treatment to a full tank. I literally drove 13 miles and the problem was gone. The engine cranks quicker and runs very smooth. Thank you!

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