Blue Diamond Severe Duty GEAR OIL

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Blue Diamond Severe Duty GEAR OIL

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Infused with FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology

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BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY GEAR OIL improves thermal stability and friction reduction, protecting against varnish and sludge deposits

BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY GEAR OIL is infused with our patented FR3 Nano Technology which helps increase boundary layer protection and improves film strength for extra protection

BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY GEAR OIL reduces shearing under severe duty applications, allowing the oil to remain in specifications for peak performance

BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY GEAR OIL was formulated specifically for severe duty applications, helping reduce breakdown, lowering oil consumption and extending gear oil change intervals

BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY GEAR OIL was formulated for severe duty applications. The gear oil additive formulas are based on 100% poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV and high-quality Group V synthetic oils. The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano Technology and high zinc additive package extends the performance and anti-wear protection to levels unmatched by any other gear oil on the market. BLUE DIAMOND heavy duty gear oil also provides increased oxidation and thermal stability, deposit and sludge prevention, reduced oil breakdown, high wear resistance and longer drain intervals. BLUE DIAMOND heavy duty gear oil is recommended as a gear oil for any demanding severe duty application, such as towing, hauling, challenging terrain driving, commercial use, utility vehicles, heavy equipment, tractors, motor homes, and other severe duty vehicles.

At Hot Shot’s Secret®, we infuse our oils with FR3 Friction Reducer® due to its exceptional performance-enhancing properties. FR3 Friction Reducer® is specifically designed to reduce friction and minimize wear within an engine’s moving parts. Oils with this advanced friction-reducing technology provide superior lubrication, creating a protective barrier between metal surfaces and reducing metal-to-metal contact. This results in reduced friction, lower operating temperatures, and improved fuel efficiency. The infusion of FR3® also helps prevent premature engine failure by minimizing wear and tear on vital components, such as pistons, bearings, and camshafts.

By incorporating FR3® into our oils, we offer a superior product that extends the lifespan of engines and other oil-lubricated components, minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures peak performance and reliability. Hot Shot’s Secret® oils maintain their performance for longer periods, extending oil change intervals and reducing overall maintenance costs.



No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.

85W-140 Blue Diamond S14 SDS

80W-110 Blue Diamond S11 SDS

75W-90 Blue Diamond S9 SDS

85W-140 Blue Diamond S14 Tech Data

80W-110 Blue Diamond S11 Tech Data

75W-90 Blue Diamond S9 Tech Data

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  1. trh1003

    trh1003 (verified owner)

    I do believe that this was a contributing factor in the mpg gain that I recently noted. I switched to this gear oil in September (and about 15k miles ago) and there is a huge difference in how freely the truck moves

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  2. Lonnie Forrest

    Blue Diamond GL-5 80W-110

    Lonnie Forrest (verified owner)

    It is getting harder to find a gear oil that does not have the limited slip or anti-slip additive already added to it.
    My 2017 ram 2500 has a AAM 11.5” rear end which contains the anti-slip gear set which requires a gear oil without the limited slip or anti-slip additive to perform properly.
    Hot shot secret blue diamond was the perfect selection for my next service.
    I replaced my stock OEM cover with a PML aluminum cover & made the switch to the 80W-110.
    The last snow and ice storm that approached us and put almost 12 inches of snow and at least an inch of ice down before put rear end & anti-slip to the test – fortunately the anti-slip worked perfect with the hot shot secret blue diamond gear oil added.
    I have no documented proof to show for the rear end running cooler or really smoother but the anti-slip perform perfect with this gear oil I highly recommend this product – if you have the AAM 11.5” Anti-Slip rearend.

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