“It Cleared Right Out!”

Diesel Extreme“Hi Chris, I’m calling in regarding the Hot Shot’s Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme . I’ve got a sub-compact tractor with a 3 cylinder diesel in it (9 years old). This past summer I felt that it wasn’t running just right; listened to you on the radio with Steve Sommers in September, talking about the Diesel Extreme. I got to thinking, and went and bought some at T.S.C. to put in the tractor; ran it for approximately 30 hours in a 6 week period. It cleared right out! I don’t get any exhaust now when I start it. I believe it cleaned the glow plugs even, because it starts real easy now; only 10-15 seconds before I hit the starter and it takes right off, when before it was cranking-over 4-5 times to fire. Hope to see you in Louisville in March, thank you!”

“Thank You For Inventing An Awesome Product!”

disel_extreme64“I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.  Last year, my truck started having issues when idling.   The truck would constantly surge.  After researching the issue, I came across your diesel extreme fuel and oil additives (stiction problem).  I had my mechanics add the product according to directions and problem went away shortly after.  I have since ordered more of your product. The purpose of this email is to thank you for inventing a awesome product!

My profession requires daily interaction with trucking companies. I have recommended your products to about 20 big trucking companies in NY area since my personal success with Hot Shot’s Secret. I plan on continuing to recommend your products to anyone with diesel trucks!” Bart M. from South Amboy, NJ

“I wont use anything else now!”

stiction-eliminator-300px“Your product “Stiction Eliminator” is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I have a 97 Ford F350 w/ the 7.3 Powerstroke, 226,000 mi. I bought your product this morning and just put it in my top and bottom oil, in less than 5 minutes the severe injector nailing went away and the rough idle is gone!!!! I’ve tried everything to get rid of these problems for months and this stuff works in minutes! Thank you! I wish I had bought this stuff months ago, I could’ve saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I wont use anything else now!!!!!!!!!!”

Nicholas G.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!”

stiction-eliminator-300px“I own two 1999 ford 7.3 powerstroke pickups. One has 300k miles and was running rough with a hard start problem. The other has 100k miles and it ran with strange transmission shifting without a heavy foot on the throttle. I chose to take the 100k truck because I was wondering if the 300k truck was getting ready to retire its life on the road. I loaded my travel trailer and the 100k mile truck for a ski trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Bend, Oregon. My prep for the Powerstroke motor was your oil and fuel additive with a Syn oil change.

I have an added step for the HPOP (high pressure oil pump) reservoir to get the uncirculated oil removed. I remove the top Allen-head plug and suck out the oil with a bottle pump. Add new oil, replace plug, run for five minutes,and suck oil out again ( this oil can be very dirty, repeat if needed ). Drain the oil pan, R&R the filter, and plug the oil pan. Pour Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator into the HPOP reservoir. Any extra Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator flows to the motor pan, so pour in more than you pumped out. Empty the 2 Quart bottle of Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator  and add oil to the motor.

This truck is now ready for a 2000 mile expedition.

So,it didn’t take long from Sacramento while pulling the Sierra Nevada Mountains that the shifting got better and the engine had added power.  I bought this truck from another owner and he was running very dirty oil. The truck just needed your good cleaning system and some weight to pull. This truck never had it so good. It runs better than new.

The 300k mile 7.3 is my true winter 4 wheel drive truck. It was knocking and I was questioning if it had internal motor problems. I returned home from our travels and needed to take a second trip to the Oregon coast thru ice and snow. I wanted 4-wheel drive and the 100k truck is a 2-wheel drive dually that was out of the question. Well, same oil change and fuel additive to the 4-wheel drive truck. Last night I made it to the Left Coast up the I-5 corridor and this one is running much better. Smooth running and easy starts. I take such good care of my trucks, and I know that my trucks love Hot Shot’s Secret. I think the 7.3 really loves the Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator poured into the reservoir due to the lack of mixing with the lower oil supply.  Pass it on to the 7.3 owners if it sound like a good idea. Thanks again and happy holidays.

Paul S. from Elk Grove, CA

“Instantly Started Running like a Top”

Part 1
“I have a 2006 Ford F350 with the 6.0 and every time I hook up to a heavy load or either try to give it too much acceleration at one time, it starts popping, snapping and just running horrible. But as long as I take it really easy, which I cannot do because I am a farmer and I pull my RV with it a lot.”

Part 2
“I just got home a week ago and I put that in my truck and changed my oil and instantly my truck started running like a top, I am serious within 100 miles all the popping snapping and jerking was gone and has not been back. I cannot believe this. Man I have been spreading the word about your product, how good it is. Man, thank you and God Bless.”

Dion B. from Laurel, MS

“Thanks For Being There”

disel_extreme64“I’ve used the the oil additive & the fuel Diesel Extreme in my 2003 F-250 6.0 (original engine) with 82,000 miles. I had the FICM repaired and replaced the Injector Pressure Control Sensor recently (the last oil change I used the Stiction oil additive and the truck is running great).

Thanks for being there.”

Michael R. from Hanford, California

I use my truck as a “beast”

“I use my truck as a “beast” it has to haul everything under the sun! I use this product for the effects it has on getting rid of stiction. Got 220K and still pulling 12000lbs+ everyday. I was a skeptic at first but you can tell a difference after just a single use. I am glad that I ran across this product!!!”
– Chris from Adairsville, GA

“… passed with full power!”

“I was pulling my 5th wheel and boat up a mountain pass and was losing power at 3000 rpms in every gear. Took it to a Diesel repair shop and after testing on a dyno machine I was told two injectors and my injector pump where going out. I saw Hot Shot’s Secret shown on Trucks TV. I decided to give it a try before spending $1800 on parts alone. I replaced two quarts of oil with Stiction Eliminator during last oil change. Six hundred miles later had truck put back on the dyno machine and passed with full power! This stuff works so Thanks Hot Shot’s Secret Company!”
– Brian from Denver, CO

“This Product is Obviously Easy to Install”

“This product is obviously easy to install, and the directions on the amount to use are very clear. This is the first time I have used this product, but I will use it again. I put this in my truck just before hauling my 5th wheel camper, and it helped make the trip very smooth. We’ll definitely be purchasing this product again.”
-Kristopher from Texas

Hot Shot’s Secret saved me $3,000 worth of new injectors.

“I drive a 2004 Ford Excursion which has 151,000 original miles. I was having problems with my fuel injectors and thought I was going to be in for a $3,000 injector replacement. However, after having added Hot Shot’s Secret, my injectors are not only responding better but have much better acceleration especially off the line. Hot Shot’s Secret saved me $3,000 worth of new injectors. The truck is running fantastic!”
– Dan from St. Louis, Missouri

“It just runs smoother and better all around”

“I have a 2004 Ford F250 with a 6.0 power stroke diesel. The truck has about 88,000 miles on it. I have been experiencing poor starts, poor acceleration, poor towing, and just a general lack of power and responsiveness in the truck for quite some time. I’ve had it in the dealership numerous times for repairs turbos and different things, and have lost one injector recently. I put in Hot Shot’s Secret about 3-4 weeks ago. I’ve driven about 500 miles since putting it in, and I have noticed a significance improvement in the overall power and response of the truck. It started easier, it’s quicker off the line, it tows better. It just runs smoother and better all around. It’s been a great improvement and the truck is running better now than it has in quite some time, even after the repairs that the dealership has been doing.”
– Christian from Utah

“It’s a great product. I recommend it to all my friends. I plan on ordering more in the near future.”

“I drive a 2001 7.3 power stroke diesel. The pick up when I got it had 259,000 miles on it. It had poor maintenance habits done. After changing the oil and running a good flush through it, I purchased Hot Shot’s Secret, drained the oil again, and put fresh oil in, plus the 64 ounces of the Hot Shot’s Secret. Right away I noticed a quicker start up and smoother idle. Directly after the first 120 miles or so, it even got smoother, the idle got quieter, and the pick up seemed to have a lot better throttle response. I left it in for about 4,000 miles, drained it, then I put in new fresh oil and it seems like that the truck idles smoothers and runs better due to the Hot Shot’s Secret. It’s a great product. I recommend it to all my friends. I plan on ordering more in the near future. Thank you very much.”

– Lonny from Woodward, Oklahoma