ADRENALINE R-Series Racing Oil

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ADRENALINE R-Series Racing Oil

R Series


Infused with FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology


Adrenaline Racing Oils were formulated for the toughest applications in racing .The formulas are 100% pure synthetic using only Group IV base oils. This blend of poly-α-olefin (PAO) and polyolester (POE) oils requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet the weight specifications. The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano-Technology and high zinc additive package extends the performance and anti-wear protection to levels unmatched by any other high zinc oil on the market. The result is a racing engine oil that has increased oxidation and thermal stability, deposit and sludge prevention, reduced oil breakdown, longer drain intervals, high wear resistance and horsepower gains.

  • 1 QT 5W20 R2
  • 1 QT 10W30 R3
  • 1 QT 15W40 R4
  • 1 QT 20W50 R5
  • 1 GAL 5W20 R2
  • 1 GAL 10W30 R3
  • 1 GAL 15W40 R4
  • 1 GAL 20W50 R5
  • 1 GAL 60W R6 ALKY

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  • Premium grade PAO base oil
  • Infused with FR3 Nano Technology
  • Improve horsepower up to 3%
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Anti-rust protection
  • Reduce friction
  • Increase boundary layer protection
  • Increase film strength
  • Improve oxidation stability
  • Improve aeration control
  • Reduce operating temperature
  • Provide superior wear protection
  • Reduce shearing
  • Reduce deposit formation
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Extend oil change interval
  • Extend injector, turbo and engine life
  • Extreme Pressure additives
  • High ZDDP (Zinc) levels
  • Antimony levels over 400 ppm
  • Reduces wear


Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oils provide the extra performance and protection needed in high-horsepower, high-performance racing applications. The formulas are 100% pure PAO synthetic and are infused with our patented FR3 Nano Technology and high zinc additive package to provide performance and anti-wear protection levels unmatched by competitors. The result is a racing engine oil that has increased oxidation and thermal stability, deposit and sludge prevention, reduced oil breakdown, longer drain intervals, higher wear resistance and horsepower gains.

Adrenaline Racing Oils are proven to increase horsepower by up to 3%, even in the highest horsepower vehicles, while also providing exceptional engine protection. Adrenaline Racing Oils have been tested and proven by world-class motorsports teams in endurance racing, Indy car circuit, truck pulling and drag racing.

Available in R2 (5W-20), R3 (10W-30), R4 (15W-40), R5 (20W-50) and R6 (ALKY-60W).

  • 100% SATISFACTION or your money back
  • GUARANTEED not to void your manufacturer’s warranty

For off-road use only. Racing engine oil is not intended for vehicles with DPF, catalytic converters, EGR or other emission equipment as damage to these systems could occur.

NOTE: If you run your engine with oil temperatures lower than 135°F, please consult the Hot Shot’s Secret Technical Support Team to assist you in your Adrenaline R Series purchasing decision. Engine oils are rated for normal operating temperatures of 212°F. Due to the nature of synthetic oils, it may be necessary to choose the next higher grade since synthetics act similar to a lower viscosity oil at lower temperatures.

Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oils are formulated specifically for high-horsepower, high-performance racing applications and the rigors that come with it. Engineered to withstand the increased temperatures, extreme pressure and elevated RPMs in racing engines.

Adrenaline Racing Oils are 100% pure PAO synthetic and are infused with our patented FR3 Nano Technology and high zinc additive package. This allows for the exceptional protection needed in racing applications while also improving performance. The infusion of our FR3 Nano Technology allows for horsepower gains up to 3% over leading competitors for that extra advantage needed in motorsports.

Research and Development is about putting ideas and theories through hours of formulation and rigorous testing. Some concepts can be universal across the entire product line of lubricants while others behave differently in different applications and therefore cannot be used in some formulas.

Unique and alternative methods of testing find the strengths and weaknesses of each formula in pre-production. Ideas for test formulas are pre-qualified through a series of lab tests. The high performers in the pre-qualifying tests are then sent out for 3rd party lab testing. The final stage is real world testing. Driving tests and dyno tests are the typical methods. The height of our real-world product testing is to run our Hot Shot’s Secret test formulas and products in racing applications.

During those endurance, Indy car, truck pulling and drag race testing, we learned of weaknesses in our formulas. After learning the weaknesses and adjusting the test formulas, we continue testing until we are certain we have the best products available. Our products have been proven to show better results than the industry leaders.

We took this knowledge and applied the most advances technologies available to our racing formulas. The Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oils were developed from what we learned in the creation of our Green Diamond and Blue Diamond Oils and our FR3 Friction Reducer, but without the restrictions of API categories. We were given the opportunity to make the absolute best oil and we did just that. Every Adrenaline Racing Oil starts with the most stable polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil, which has the highest molecular, thermal, oxidative and additive package stability available on the market.

The high viscosity index of PAO’s requires fewer viscosity improvers to meet the weight specifications. The shearing of viscosity improvers will thin your oil by mechanical means while being pressed through main and rod bearings, camshaft bearings, lifters, and between valve stems and rocker tips. Reducing the amount of viscosity improvers in your oil, reduces the amount of mechanical shearing, thereby keeping your oil from losing viscosity and staying in specification and providing you with a more consistent oil and engine performance.

The true synthetic nature of PAO’s keeps oxidation from occurring at high temperatures due to their chemical structure. PAO’s have a fully saturated linear arrangement that have alkyl functional groups attached which gives it unique oxidation resistant and cold flow properties. Your engine will be fully protected from wear on cold starts and during operation. PAO’s are inherently cleaner oils with less impurities from the start, so your oil will start cleaner and remain cleaner throughout its life cycle.

Sludge and deposit formation are also limited because of the purity and chemical structure of PAO’s. Our high zinc and antimony extreme pressure additive package protects you from the worst possible scenarios when you need boundary lubrication. The synergy of zinc and antimony and their reactions with phosphorus and sulfur provide a stronger multi-layer of tribofilm at the surface than either component on their own, which adds even more anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Steel on Steel ASTM D-4172 testing showed a .45 mm wear scar with 1200 RPM, a 40-kilogram load with 52100 Steel over a 1-hour test procedure. The infusion of Adrenaline race oils with our FR3 Friction Reducer lowers the wear and friction, while also increasing film strength. Less friction results in less heat buildup which contributes to another method of reducing oxidation to the already robust PAO base oil.

Our Adrenaline Racing Oils range from only a 1.6% to 1.8% increase in viscosity @ 212°F after 312 hours at 203°F in the ASTM D2893 Oxidation test with no measurable precipitation. FR3 Friction Reducer is also responsible for superior ring sealing, improved volumetric efficiency and 3.1% horsepower gains over a leading competitor. You can count on hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oils to protect your engine in the most demanding racing environment all while reducing the wear and increasing the longevity of your investment.

No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.

Compared to Valvoline VR1

10W-30 Adrenaline R3 Tech Data
15W-40 Adrenaline R4 Tech Data
20W-50 Adrenaline R5 Tech Data
Alky-60W Adrenaline R6 Tech Data

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