94 percent recommend us

94% of Our Customers Recommend Us

In November of 2015, our Marketing team sent out a survey to Diesel Truck owners who drive their diesel on a daily basis. The surveyed diesel owners had previously purchased and used Hot Shot’s Secret additives on their equipment. They were asked if the product performed so well that they would recommend it to their diesel driving friends. 94% of respondents stated that they would recommend Hot Shot’s Secret products to a friend who own a diesel.

Over 9 out of 10 diesel owners who have used Hot Shot’s Secret products would recommend it to a friend, that is a strong statement in itself. Recommendations are not taken lightly, to recommend something is to put your trust in something. According to a Nielsen study in 2015 word of mouth recommendations were the most trusted source to consumers for product purchases. Next time you go to purchase an additive remember that 9/10 diesel owners that have used Hot Shot’s Secret products were so impressed with the performance of our products that they would recommend them to a friend.

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