“5 Out Of 5 Stars. Totally Awesome Product, Best Money I Have Ever Spent”

“My 04 6.0 had major spool valve issues; I had 3 injector misfire codes all the time cold or hot. Tried Rev-x and Archoil with no help at all, so I decided to try Hot Shot’s Secret before I spent the $3,000 on injectors. Changed my oil and added 2 qts. of Stiction Eliminator. At first I didn’t notice any difference at all. About 1000 miles into the oil change noticed a huge change: all injector codes are totally gone, truck runs like new again. I will definitely be running it in my fleet of 6.0 service trucks too. Best $65 I have spent in a long time…”

– Josh J. from Fairfield, WA

3 thoughts on ““5 Out Of 5 Stars. Totally Awesome Product, Best Money I Have Ever Spent””

  • My 04 6.0 was diagnosed with all injector failures and FICM ( fuel injector control module ) issues. Replaced FICM and now only injector # 7 failure. Runs worse now than before, but starts easier in cold weather. Added hot shots secret oil additive with oil change. I have put 350 miles on it since with no results yet. How long before you noticed any improvement ?Mine chugs, vibrates when in O.D.and getting poor fuel mileage. Do I just need to be patient?

    • It can sometimes take 500-1,000 miles to notice a difference in the injectors. Generally, if it hasn’t cleared up at that point in time, the injectors are physically broken, and need to be replaced. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Bo Griffith | Tech Support: 1.800.341.6516

      • I have 2003 6.0. Had 2 injectors missing. Heard about the hot shot and tried it. Had no results until almost 2500 miles. I had given up on the product and ordered new injectors and was going to change them out the next weekend. On my way home Friday motor poped once and injectors kicked right in and ran great. My truck has 430000 miles on it and I have changed all the injectors out at 275000 miles. Wish I had heard of this product years ago.

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